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akesi 獣 (variants 獸, 兽)
    n	non-cute animal, reptile, amphibian

    noun creeping animal, a scaly or slimy animal that creeps on land
    noun reptile, any air-breathing cold-blooded animal that crawls on land and has scales and bones; reptile
    noun amphibian, any cold-blooded animal with bones that lives on both land and in water; amphibian
    noun large arthropod, a large arthropod that lives on land; scorpion
    describer like an akesi in appearance
    describer having the characteristics or properties of an akesi 

> turtles are cute. Are they akesi? 

akesi 獣 (異体字: 獸, 兽) 〔名詞〕 可愛くない動物、爬虫類、両生類.