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anu 或
    conj or

        anu is used to make questions when there is a choice between two options.

        jan Susan anu jan Lisa li moku e suwi? 	  	Susan or Lisa ate the cookies?
        sina jo e kili anu telo nasa? 	  	Do you have the fruit,
                or is it the wine that you have?
        sina toki, tawa mi anu ona? 	  	Are you talking to me,
                or are you talking to him?
        ona anu jan ante li ike? 	  	Is he bad, or is it the
                other person who's bad?

        Do you know how sometimes in English we say stuff like, “So are you coming or what?”.

        sina pona anu seme? 	  	Are you OK?
        ona li mama anu seme? 	  	Is she a parent?
        sina kama anu seme? 	  	Are you coming or what?
        sina wile moku anu seme? 	  	Do you want to eat or what?
        sina wile e mani anu seme? 	  	Do you want the money or what?

        anu can be used in declarative sentences also.

        mi lukin e mije anu meli. 	  	I see a man or a women.

anu アヌ 或 〔接続詞〕または ⇔ en, taso