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kepeken 用
    vt  use
    pre with

    → Just like lon, kepeken can be used both as verb and as preposition. However, lon doesn’t have a direct object, it merely indicates that place of being (mi moku lon tomo - I eat IN the house; kili li lon poki - the fruit SITS IN the basket). kepeken does have an direct object, and requiers as a verb e. 
        mi kepeken e ilo - I’m using a/the tool
        ona li wile kepeken e ilo ni - he has to use that tool
        jan ni li kepeken e poki ni - that person is using that cup

    → kepeken as preposition
        mi moku kepeken ilo moku - I eat with a fork/spoon
        ona li lukin kepeken ilo suno - He is looking with a flashlight/torch
        compare: ona li lukin li kepeken e ilo suno - he is looking and is using a flashlight/torch

kepeken ケペケン 用 〔動詞〕 使う. 〔前置詞〕~と共に、~を用いて.